Studiare le cattedrali gotiche con il laser scanner


Daniele Peptone, in the online digital heritage journal Archeomatica has just published a report on my research.

The ND book in Valeurs Actuelles

2368 001 Page 1

The 2015 third special edition of Valeurs Actuelles, called Les secrets des cathédrales, featured a two-page spread of an image from the Notre-Dame book.

Peering Through Time

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 19.40.35

LIDAR NEWS has just published an article on my work by Angus Stocking entitled Peering Through Time.

National Geographic Innovator Series


National Geographic writer Rachel Hartigan Shea and photojournalist, editor and filmmaker Spencer Millsap teamed up to do a feature on my work with laser scans on historic buildings.