Invisible Wars: Clandestine Indigenous Devotions in Colonial Mexico

This book manuscript, currently undergoing final revisions, examines poorly known or previously unavailable social and linguistic data about the local organization of clandestine ritual practices in colonial Nahua and Zapotec communities between the 1530's and the 1760's that were prosecuted as "idolatries" by ecclesiastical and civil judges, and explores the adaptation of European textual genres by indigenous authors.

Chimalpahin and the Conquest of Mexico by Francisco López de Gómara: Codex Chimalpahin, Volume IV

This project - a collaborative venture with Anne Cruz, Cristián Roa-de-la-Carrera, and Susan Schroeder - is being funded by National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Grant RZ-50391. This work will provide a translation into English of a Spanish-language version of the earliest "best seller" account about the conquest of Mexico, Francisco López de Gómara's 1552 Conquista de México, as edited in manuscript form by Nahua author Chimalpahin, the most prolific colonial indigenous historian in the Americas. This text provides rare evidence of how an indigenous historian chose to annotate and modify a canonical conquest narrative.