Moshe Cohen
Visiting Assistant Professor at Vassar College
Blodgett 112
Mathematics and Statistics Department
124 Raymond Ave. Box 257
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0257

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Conferences and Workshops

Tips for Young Mathematicians

Biking with Mathematicians

For my students, see Teaching for additional info about my courses

  • Linear Algebra and Calculus I in Fall 2017
  • Discrete Mathematics and Calculus II in Spring 2017
  • Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus in Fall 2016
  • Also see my Departmental Service page

For Publication News, see Research for complete list (or the arXiv or Google Scholar)

Invitation to join an undergraduate research project

  • Are you interested in participating in a research project? Do you just want to explore mathematics that hasn't been done already?
  • My proposed project relates to both the Linear Algebra course I'm teaching in the fall and the Discrete Mathematics course I taught in Spring 2017.
  • The objects you'll be playing with are called "arrangements" (or collections) of lines.
  • I created a pair of Geometry and Topology Today videos discussing my mathematics for a general audience and for graduate students together with Scott Baldridge and David Shea Vela Vick. You can start by watching these videos and then emailing me to set up an appointment.

Other useful information

  • Math Horizons is the undergraduate publication of the Mathematical Association of America. Unlike research journals, Math Horizons publishes articles of interest to undergraduates without an extensive background in mathematics. Come to my office if you would like to look through a stack of older issues.

    See my Math Horizons page to see some of my previous contributions and some ideas for undergraduate projects in knot theory.

  • I am compiling a list of links on my Tips for Young Mathematicians page, with audiences ranging from undergraduates to graduate students to the general public.

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