Moshe Cohen
Visiting Assistant Professor at Vassar College
Blodgett 112
Mathematics and Statistics Department
124 Raymond Ave. Box 257
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0257

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This site is currently under construction as I transition to a new job at Vassar with a new website and email address. Information may not be up to date. Please email me if you would like more current information.

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Research Interests include

  • Knots: Knot polynomials, knot homology theories, and other knot invariants
  • Random topological objects: Application of the probabilistic method to knot theory specifically
  • Graphs: Dimers or perfect matchings on graphs, and other topics in matroid theory, graph theory, and enumerative combinatorics
  • Arrangements: Arrangements of hyperplanes and other configurations, as well as other topics in oriented matroid theory
  • Low-dimensional as well as combinatorial topology

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