Moshe Cohen
Visiting Assistant Professor at Vassar College
Blodgett 112
Mathematics and Statistics Department
124 Raymond Ave. Box 257
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0257

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Conferences and Workshops

Tips for Young Mathematicians

Biking with Mathematicians

Mathematicians I have biked with:

Jingchen (Monika) Hu,
Spring 2017,
at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York
Maria Vega,
May 2017,
at the March for Science in Poughkeepsie, New York
June 2016,
in Tel Aviv
Nir Lazarovich,
June 2016,
in Zurich, Switzerland
Benjamin Beeker,
Pierre Castel,
and Emily Landes,
June 2016,
various in France
Oliver Sargent,
June 2016,
in Paris, France
Catherine Pfaff,
January 2016,
at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Mustafa Hajij (my math younger brother!)
and Nataša Jonoska,
January 2016,
at the University of South Florida
Benjamin Beeker,
Edward Chien,
and Emily Landes,
in Tel Aviv, Israel
Joao Pita Costa
and Mateusz Juda,
September 2015,
at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Peter Feller,
Ying Hu (my math younger sister!),
and Kelly Spendlove,
June 2015,
in Paris, France
Peter Feller,
Nathan Geer,
and Raphael Zentner,
June 2015,
in Paris, France
Francisco Belchi Guillamon,
November 2014,
at the University of Copenhagen
Benjamin Beeker,
August 2014,
across Ireland
Cody Armond (my math younger brother!)
and Charlie Frohman,
July 2014,
at the University of Iowa
September 2013,
at the Museum of Mathematics,
New York, New York
Pierre Dehornoy
and Peter Feller,
June 2013,
at the Toulouse Mathematics Institute
Peter Feller
and Fei Ye,
June 2012,
in Pau, France
Matthew Dawson,
Kyle Istvan (my math younger brother!),
Kate Kearney,
Paul Sinz,
and Jesse Taylor,
February 2012,
at Louisiana State University
Kate Kearney,
May 2011,
in Zurich and Lake Thun, Switzerland
Rick Barnard,
Jake Blanton,
Jake Desmond,
Neal Livesay,
Heather Russell,
and Daniel Thompson (LSU REU Summer 2010),
at Louisiana State University
(Not biking but) attending the Bike Film Festival with
Heather Russell
and Radmila Sazdanovic,
June 2009,
at Columbia University, New York
Matthias Beck
Summer 2003,

Play Katamari Damacy on this page (if you're using Google Chrome)! (Stolen from Prof. Allen Knutson's page.)