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German Strong Verbs

Write the principle parts of the German verbs into the blanks. Make sure to write the auxiliary "ist + participle" for verbs whose participle does not require "haben" as an auxiliary. For help refer to the list of verbs which appears when you click on the "Help" button.

The strong verbs in German may be divided into seven groups according to the vowel change in the principal parts. Note that compound verbs follow the pattern of the basic parts.

Group I
All strong verbs having "ei" in the infinitive, with the exception of "heißen", belong in this group.

Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle English Equivalent
to prove
to remain; to stay
to appear
to shine; to seem
to write
to scream
to be silent
to climb; to rise
to drive; to push
to distinguish
to forgive
to suffer
to tear; to rip
to ride a horse
to cut
to stride; to pace
to quarrel

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