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German 210
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German 220
German 221
German 244
German 265
German 271
German 272
German 281
German 301
IS 305


Here you can find links to the courses I have taught at Vassar College. Click on the links below for further information about a course. 

German Department:

bulletGerman 105/106: Elementary German
bulletGerman 109: Intensive Introductory German
bulletGerman 210: Intermediate German (a)
bulletGerman 211: Intermediate German (b)
bulletGerman 220: Introduction to German Literature
bulletGerman 221: Introduction to German Literature of the 20th Century
bulletGerman 244: German Literature in Translation
bulletGerman 265: The Cinema of the Other Germany (a)
bulletGerman 271: Introduction to German Culture and Civilization
bulletGerman 272: Mastering the Unmasterable German Past
bulletGerman 281: German Women Filmmakers
bulletGerman 301: East German Women Writers

International Studies

bulletIS 305: International Studies Senior Seminar

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