1. Short film responses to be handed in every Monday.
2. Opening class discussion of film with one or more other students - at least once. You are asked to prepare background information on the film/the filmmaker, talk about important issues the film raises, and prepare questions for the discussion.
3. Final paper (10 - 15 pages)

Topics for Discussion and/or Student Papers:
bullet questions of national identity and the cultural heritage
bulletDEFA--national cinema in its own right?
bullet New (West) German Cinema and DEFA
bullet the depiction of the Jews and the Holocaust in East German Cinema
bullet depictions of Nazism and Anti-Fascism
bullet the relationship of artist/intellectuals to power
bullet the "Bitterfelder Weg" and Socialist Realism
bullet writers and DEFA (Jurek Becker, Christa Wolf, Ernst Loest, Helga Schutz, Ulrich Plenzdorf, etc.)
bullet aesthetic influences in DEFA films (UFA films of the 30s and 40s, Soviet Socialist Realism, Italian neo-realism, Avant-garde, new wave, and documentary traditions)
bullet the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the situation since German unification
bullet women in GDR society and the representation of women in DEFA films
bullet sexuality in GDR film (women, gay sexuality, family politics in the GDR)
bullet the banned films of 1965
bullet popular culture in the GDR
bullet DEFA documentary films


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