Reading List


Assigned Readings: Xeroxed articles and hand-outs to be distributed in class

Recommended Readings:

bulletJohn Bornemann, After the Wall: East Meets West in the New Berlin
bulletCorrigan, New German Film: The Displaced Image
bulletElsaesser, New German Cinema: A History
bulletHeide Fehrenbach, Cinema and the Democratization of Germany
bulletFrieden, McCormick, et. al., Gender and German Cinema: Feminist Interventions (2 vols)
bulletGiannetti, Understanding Movies
bulletGoulding, Daniel, ed. Post New Wave Cinema in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
bulletKaes, From Hitler to Heimat: The Return of History as Film
bulletLeiser, Erwin, Nazi Cinema
bulletLiehm, Mira and Antonin J. Liehm, The Most Important Art: Soviet and Eastern European Film After 1945
bulletMast and Cohen, eds, Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings
bulletPflaum and Prinzler, Cinema in the Federal Republic of Germany
bulletRentschler, West German Film in the Course of Time
bulletRentschler, ed. German Film and Literature: Adaptations and Transformations
bulletSantner, Eric, Stranded Objects: Mourning, Memory and Film in Postwar Germany


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