German 211, Intermediate German, M, W, F: 9:30 - 10: 20, CH 126
Silke von der Emde, CH 133
Tel.: x 5618 e-mail: vonderemde
Office Hours: W 10:30 - 11:30 F 10:30 - 11:30

I. Woche: 20. - 24. Januar
Montag, 20. 1.:  Einführung, Thema 7: Multikulturelle Gesellschaft
Mittwoch, 22. 1.: "Metin sucht seinen Weg"
Freitag, 24. 1.: Video
II. Woche: 27. - 31. Januar
Montag, 27. 1.: Kapitel 7: Adjetktive
Mittwoch, 29. 1.: "Jetzt kann ich sagen: Ich bin schwarz"
Freitag, 31. 1.:  QUIZ I; Video
III. Woche: 3. - 7. Februar
Montag, 3. 2.: Grammatik
Mittwoch, 5. 2.: Thema 8: Partnerschaft: "An Clara Wieck"
Freitag, 7. 2.:  Video
IV. Woche: 10. - 14. Februar
Montag, 10. 2.: Kapitel 8: Konjunktiv
Mittwoch, 12. 2.: " Neue Väter hat das Land"
Freitag, 14. 2.:  Video
V. Woche: 17. - 21. Februar
Montag, 17. 2.: Grammatik
Mittwoch, 19. 2.: Brüder Grimm, "Der Bärenhäuter"
Freitag, 21. 2.: QUIZ II; Video 
VI. Woche: 24. - 28. Februar
Montag, 24. 2.: Kapitel 9: Futur, Reflexive Verben
Mittwoch, 26. 2.:  Thema 9: Verkehr: "Die Welt als Flohzirkus"
Freitag, 28. 2.: Video
VII. Woche: 3. - 7. März
Montag, 3. 3.:  Grammatik; "Zwei Achtel Wein oder ein Krügel Bier ..."
Mittwoch, 5. 3.:  Max von der Grün, "Das Stenogramm"
Freitag, 7. 3.: MIDTERM
7. März - 23. März: Frühlingsferien

VIII. Woche: 24, - 28. März
Montag, 24. 3.: Kapitel 10: Passiv
Mittwoch, 26. 3.: Thema 10: Umwelt: "Wüsten werden immer wachsen"
Freitag, 28. 3.: Video 
IX. Woche: 31. März - 4. April
Montag, 31.3.:  Grammatik
Mittwoch, 2. 4.:  "Saubere Geschäfte"
Freitag, 4. 4.: QUIZ III; Video
X. Woche: 7. - 11. April
Montag, 7. 4.: Kapitel 11: Relativsätze, Indirekte Rede
Mittwoch, 9. 4.: Heinrich Böll, "Der Bergarbeiter"
Freitag, 11. 4.: Video
XI. Woche: 14. - 18. April
Montag, 14. 4.:  Grammatik
Mittwoch, 16. 4.: Nachrichtenprojekt
Freitag, 18. 4.: QUIZ IV; Video 
XII. Woche: 21. - 25. April
Montag, 21. 4.: Kapitel 12: Infinitivphrasen
Mittwoch, 23. 4.: Nachrichtenprojekt
Freitag, 25. 4.: Video
XIII. Woche: 28. April - 2. Mai
Montag, 28. 4.: Grammatik
Mittwoch, 30. 4.: Nachrichtenprojekt
Freitag, 2. 5.: QUIZ V; Video
XIV. Woche: 5. Mai
Montag, 5. 5.:  Wiederholung


bullet Moeller, Liedloff, Adolph, Mabee, eds., Kaleidoskop: Kultur, Literatur und Grammatik, 4th edition (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1994). Student Text.
bullet Video Übungsbuch
Empfohlene Literatur:
bullet Gerda Dippmann, Grammar
Course Description:

German 211 is the continuation of German 210, an intermediate German course for students who have completed two semesters of college German. In German 211 we will practice the four language skills of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. More specifically, we will work on the following this semester:

  1. Writing a short essay every week which I will mark up and return to you. You can rewrite each essay and resubmit it in order to improve your work and you can choose to include each essay in your portfolio.
  2. Establishing a portfolio which reflects you progress in the class. You can include what ever you choose in this portfolio. I will collect it four times during the semester (at the end of week 3, 6, 9, and at the end of the semester) and each time you need to include three pieces of written work and one cassette with oral work you did. For each piece of work you need to write a short critical paragraph explaining why you included a certain piece of work in the portfolio and how it reflects the progress you made in German 211. I will return the portfolio to you with comments.
  3. Listening to German news broadcast on the internet twice during the semester together with a partner. You are responsible for listening to and understanding the news, selecting three important pieces of news from that week, and giving a presentation to your fellow students on Monday mornings.
  4. Nachrichtenprojekt:: during the last three weeks of the semester we will be producing our own German news show which we will videotape. You will work with two other students on producing one segment of the news show that the class will put together as a project for this course.
  5. Grammar Review: just as last semester there will be a short grammar and vocabulary quiz at the end of each grammar chapter (about every two weeks).
bullet Regular class attendance and attendance of the conversation hour (more than 3 unexcused absences will lower your grade by one half grade). If you have to miss a class because of sickness or another serious reason, call me or send me an e-mail before class.
bullet Active participation in class discussions; 25% of your grade is based on your oral performance. A short presentation of what was new in Germany during the last week together with a partner, twice during the semester.
bullet Diligent preparation for all classes and faithful completion of all written work.
bullet A short essay every week (to be turned in on every Monday) which you may rewrite after I have marked it up. You may include any of your essays in your portfolio if you so choose.
bullet There will be a short quiz after every chapter on grammatical structures and vocabulary items, 1 midterm, and 1 final examination.
bullet Quizzes : 10%
bullet Midterm 10%
bullet Final 10%
bullet Portfolio 30%
bullet Oral participation and Class Presentations 30%

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