German 210


G210: Intermediate German (a)

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German 210 / 211 is an intermediate German course for students who have completed two semesters of college German. In German 210 we will practice the four language skills of reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

bullet Students will read a variety of text types for different purposes, such as gathering information, getting the general idea of something, making generalizations, sequencing events, and interpreting information.
bullet You will participate in a number of oral activities, including running through drills, answering questions, acting in skits, role-playing, participating in discussions, and responding creatively in personalized exercises. One hour a week is devoted exclusively to conversation and discussion.
bullet You will hear German spoken by your instructor, your fellow students, and by a variety of speakers in the audio component of our text book.
bullet Students will do a variety of written exercises which vary in difficulty and structure. You will write a short essay every week which you may rewrite in order to improve your grade.
bullet German 210/211 includes a comprehensive review of grammatical structures and introduces some new elements.

By the end of the course you should have learned the following objectives:

  1. Learned to read modern German short stories and prose found in newspapers, letters, and magazines for basic understanding.
  2. Become sensitive to some of the issues and problems of contemporary life in German-speaking countries.
  3. Become more familiar with recent political events in Germany.
  4. Increased your active and passive vocabularies.
  5. Developed an ability to communicate thoughts on topics of general interest, both orally and in writing.
  6. Improved your ability to understand conversational German
  7. Strengthened your knowledge of German grammar and increased your ability to use standard, acceptable language in everyday situations.
  8. Developed a deeper interest in the German language and in the culture of the German-speaking countries.


bullet Regular class attendance (more than 3 unexcused absences will lower your grade by one half grade). If you have to miss a class because of sickness or another serious reason, call me or send me an e-mail before class.
bullet Active participation in class discussions; 25% of your grade is based on your oral performance.
bullet Diligent preparation for all classes and faithful completion of all written work.
bullet A short essay every week (to be turned on every Monday) which you may rewrite in order to improve your grade.

There will be a short quiz after every chapter on grammatical structures and vocabulary items (= 6 quizzes altogether), 1 midterm, and 1 final examination.

Quizzes 25%
Midterm 10%
Final 15%
Essays 25%
Oral participation 25%


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