German 109: Intensive Introductory German


Because this is an intensive language course, in which daily practice in the language is of the utmost importance, regular daily attendance and class participation are required in this course. Classes meet five days a week, and you will participate in daily drill and study sessions. If you have to miss a class or a drill because of sickness or another serious problem, please let me know in advance (you can always reach me via e-mail). More than three unexcused absences from class or drill, will result in your grade dropping by one additional grade point, i.e. this penalty is in addition to the probably low grade such a student would get anyway.

While it is possible, though not advisable, to cram in a semester's worth of "catch-up" work in some courses, it is not possible to do so in language courses, particularly German 109. It is of paramount importance, therefore, that you keep up with your class work on a daily basis -- you will not be able to catch up by intensive "cram" sessions at the end of the semester. Daily assignments, the completion of the workbook and language lab. exercises, as well as practice on the computer are designed to help you work on your German regularly every day for several hours.

Before we start a new chapter, you should read through the grammar and topics of the new chapter once. While you are not expected to know all of the material of the new chapter at this time, you should be familiar with the basic concepts that are taught in each chapter, before it is taught in class. Coming to class prepared will make your learning of the material easier and more effective.

In order to build every student's active German vocabulary, each student will be required to keep a German vocabulary notebook. In addition to the new vocabulary words in each chapter of Deutsch heute, I will be introducing new vocabulary words by writing them on the blackboard. Students will be expected to write the words into their notebooks and memorize (be able to use!) them by the following day.


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