GDR Literature


Schriftstellerinnen der DDR

This project was developed as part of the course G301


The former GDR produced some of the best, most interesting, and challenging women writers to come out of Germany including Anna Seghers, Christa Wolf, Irmtraud Morgner, Sarah Kirsch, Maxie Wander, Brigitte Reimann, Gerlind Reinshagen, Helga Schubert, Helga Koenigsdorf, Monika Maron, and Elke Erb. In the course we will examine why women started to write in greater numbers in the early seventies in the former GDR; we will explore the questions and issues they raised in their text; we will examine whether one can read these texts as feminist texts and whether these women defined themselves as feminists; we will analyze how GDR women responded to questions discussed in the feminist movements in the West and how they dealt with the unification of the two German states in 1990. Aside from close readings of the texts, we will study the political, economic, and social conditions that influenced women's writings and discuss theoretical questions of feminist literary theory.


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