Peter G. Stillman

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About Peter

Peter G. Stillman is Professor of Political Science at Vassar College, where he has taught since 1970. His political science teaching and research centers on modern political philosophy since 1500, especially ecological thought, utopian political theory, Hegel's political philosophy, and Marx's political thought. In addition to departmental responsibilities, he is active in Vassar’s extensive multidisciplinary programs, currently participating in American Culture and in Environmental Studies, where he is on the Steering Committee, has taught the required intermediate course for three years, and is the Director (2003-06).He has written and published extensively. A complete list of publications, reviews, and scholarly papers is available. Much of his work has focused on environmental issues, including recent intensive critical study of Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist. He has also published extensively on Hegel’s political philosophy, focusing on Hegel’s idea of freedom in the Philosophy of Right, and on Marx’s thought. One major strand of his research and writing in the past decade or so has been on utopian political thought. In addition, he has published on French thought. His current primary scholarly projects include a book on "Terrorism and Political Philosophy," a book chapter on Hegel as a colonial, anti-colonial, and post-colonial thinker, and a presentation and interpretation of Henry Neville's Isle of Pines (1668) for Utopian Studies.

He has taught many different courses at Vassar and elsewhere, including Princeton, Harvard Summer School, and Yale Summer Programs

He has been active in academic innovation at Vassar and has engaged in professional activities outside of Vassar. Currently (2005-08) he is Chair of the Faculty Policy and Conference Committee at Vassar.