Michael Joyce

Going the Distance, newly republished nightkitchen electronic book

Sister Stories, collaborative hypertext fiction (with Rosemary Joyce and Carolyn Guyer), New York University Press On-line, 2000.

The Sonatas of Saint Francis, collaborative hypertext fiction (with Matthew Hanlon, Andrea Morris, and Carolyn Guyer), (UK), October 2000.

Reach, a fiction, The Iowa Review Online, Spring 2000.

"Lasting Image," Collaborative hypertext fiction (with Carolyn Guyer), Eastgate Systems, 1999.

"On the Birthday of the Stranger," hyperfiction, inaugural work for the online version of the Evergreen Review, 1999. Note: the original version at does not function correctly due to web problems at Evergreen Review; until that version is repaired a local version is available at (title link above links there)

Twelve Blue, world-wide-web hyperfiction, Postmodern Culture and Eastgate Systems (co-published with Postmodern Culture) , 1996 and 1997.

ten last songs and a color plate, a web fancy.

Mola, world-wide-web interactive project with Carolyn Guyer, Nigel Kerr, Nancy Lin, and Suze Schweitzer. 1995

Disk-based fictions available from Eastgate Systems: