Curriculum Vitae: Michael Joyce
Box 360
Vassar College Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0360
(845) 437-5941 Fax: (845) 437-7187
Fiction and Hypermedia
Was: annales nomadique /A novel of internet FC2, Fiction Collective 2, 2007
"Tiresias Tries to Talk Sense to Liriope About Young Narcissus," PEN America Journal , Issue 6: Metamorphoses, 2004
Liam's Going , a novel, Kingston, NY: McPherson & Company, August 2002.
Sister Stories , collaborative hypertext fiction (with Rosemary Joyce and Carolyn Guyer), New York University Press On-
line, November, 2000.
The Sonatas of Saint Francis, collaborative hypertext fiction (with Matthew Hanlon, Andrea Morris, and Carolyn Guyer), (UK), October 2000.
"Reach, a fictio n ," The Iowa Review Online , Spring 2000.
"Lasting Image," Collaborative hypertext fiction (with Carolyn Guyer), Eastgate Systems, 1999.
"Storm-Tossed" and "White Moths," short stories, The Iowa Review, 1999
"On the Birthday of the Stranger," hyperfiction, inaugural work for the online version of the Evergreen Review , 1999.
Twilight , hyperfiction novel, Eastgate Systems, 1996.
Twelve Blue , world-wide-web hyperfiction, Postmodern Culture and Eastgate Systems (co-published) , 1996 and 1997.
Mola, world-wide-web interactive project ( with Carolyn Guyer, Nigel Kerr, Nancy Lin, and
Suze Schweitzer. 1995
Going the Distance , (1994) electronic book, Pilgrim Press, republished by nightkitchen 2002 Hypertext fiction,
“Lucy's Sister: A Guide to the Internet,” Works and Days , 12 (1&2), bound-in computer disk, Spring/Fall 1994.
"Myself," RIF/T Version 1.1 , Electronic journal (inaugural edition), 1993.
Hypertext fiction, “WOE,” Writing on the Edge , 2 (2), bound-in computer disk, UC Davis, 1991.
Hypertext fiction, Afternoon, a story , Eastgate Systems, Cambridge, MA, 1990. (Italian translation, Afternoon /Pomeriggio,
Elettro Libri, Human Systems, Milano, 1993.) Anthologized selections from afternoon, a story. in Norton Anthology of
Postmodern American Fiction , Paula Geyh, Andrew Levy, and Fred Leebron eds., 1998.
The War Outside Ireland , a novel, Tinkers Dam Press, 1982.
Translation , Cherry Orchard , translated with Mischa Cain, production staged, Jackson Civic Theatre 1980.
Two poems “Une danse des rêves" and "Notre histoire sinister," in nor/ (The New Ohio Review), 2007.
Two poems, "irresponsible" and untitled ("Someday I will lay in a box") in New Review , 2007.
Poem, “Being Book,” in Off the Shelf: New Forms in Contemporary Artists' Books, Mary-Kay Lombino, Frances Lehman
Loeb Art Center, October 2006.
Two poems, "Wish" and " On Din Q Le") in Parthenon West , forthcoming 2008.
Two poems “The man who has come to love rivers,” and “ At the zoo Parc Tete d'or “ in The Iowa Review, forthcoming
Poem “Some Other God” in New Letters, forthcoming 2008 .
Exhibitions, performance work, mixed media, etc
Six Portals , (2007) text for six paintings by Alexandra Grant, one woman show at Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles
September 2008.
The Ladder Series , (2007) ) text for four paintings by Alexandra Grant for "Focus" one-woman show, Museum of
Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles. Catalogue edited by Alma Ruiz. "Motion" textual calligraphy and voice, for
Alexandra Grant, Greg Harrison, and Michael Joyce "5 Iterations," Artist Project, X-Tra Magazine , Volume 10 Issue 1.,, 2007
Michael Joyce-2
Voice work for interactive gallery guide to Alexandra Grant's one-woman show at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary
Art (LA MOCA) April to August, 2007, with Pig Iron Theatre Company (Philadelphia), directed by Dan Rothenberg and
supported by Pew Foundation Grant.
“Fluxus Score,” text for collaborative imagetext work with Alexandra Grant, for the exhibition “Draw A Line and Follow It”
Thursday 22 June - Sunday 20 August 2006, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) and Special Collections at the
Getty Research Institute.
A Drop In The Ocean (shelf, ten books, cloth, bowl: wood, paper, fabric, glass)," (2005) installation by Linda Marie
Walker, with Zeljko Markov (shelf), Nick Mount (bowl), Michael Joyce (writing), " exhibited in Art Year Zero , South
Australian School of Art Gallery, University of South Australia, Adelaide, (Curator, Andrew Best).
"Overture to the Canzoni d'amore" (2004) concert piece and netcast, recorded voice and text by Michael Joyce, video by
Anita Pantin, music for English horn, synthesizer, and solo voice by Bruce Pennycook, EARS 2004, Electro Acoustic Recital
Series, Friday, 11-19, McCullough Theatre, University of Texas. Performing Arts Center.
Canzoni di morte " a trial mix," (2004) recorded voice and text by Michael Joyce, video by Anita Pantin, music for English
horn and solo voice by Bruce Pennycook, choreography and dance by José Bustamante, Harry Ransom Center, University of
Texas, Austin, February.
indécritions : works in progress , (2004) exhibition of texts and images with Alexandra Grant, Cube Gallery, Calarts,
Nimbus , (2004) text for kinetic sculpture by Alexandra Grant, page_space exhibition, Machine Project Gallery, Los Angeles
February-March. Re-installed for "Focus" one-woman show, MOCA, Los Angeles 2007
"Heide & Lude" interactive dramatic dialogue for GPS based collaborative "Roaming Fiction" with multimedia artists
Stefan Schemat and Heiko Idensen, Japanese Garden at Planten und Blomen, Hamburg, Germany. 2002
"Joyce in Berlin," Hörspiel (voice play) for Osmotic Minds: Berlin Alexanderplatz 5.0 , by Stefan Schemat, Hilmar
Schmundt, Michael Joyce, and Isabella Bordoni, Augmented Reality Fiction, Berlin, February 27, 1999. (Honorable
Mention, Ars Electronica, 1999.)
Scholarly Books, published lectures, etc.
A Web of Caring: The book as it was to us, Eighth Annual Adam Helms Lecture, Svenska Förläggareföreningen (Swedish
Publishers Association) and Stockholm University Library, 2001.
Moral Tales and Meditations: Technological Parables and Refractions , with an afterword by Hélène Cixous, State University
of New York Press, Fall 2001.
Othermindedness: the emergence of network culture , University of Michigan Press, 2000.
Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics , University of Michigan Press, 1995.
Scholarly essays, etc.
"together in their dis-harmony’: Internet Collaboration and Le Cadavre Exquise,” in Exquisite Corpse: Collaboration,
Creativity and the World's Most Popular Parlor Game , Tom Denlinger, Davis Schneiderman and Kanta-Kochhar-Lindgren
The University of Nebraska Press, in press 2008
"Seeing through the blue nowhere: On Narrative Transparency and New Media," in New Narratives, Theory and Practice ,
Ruth Page And Bronwen Thomas (eds.), The University of Nebraska Press, in press.
“Authorship as Re-Placement” in Danuta Fjellestad and Stephen Donovan (eds.). Authority Matters: Rethinking the Theory and
Practice of Authorship . Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007.
“Beannacht libh” essay for SYMPLOKE magazine symposium on experimental writing, 2007.
What about a book? Review of Visual Culture: The Study of the Visual after the Cultural Turn by Margaret Dikovitskaya, and
From Technological to Virtual Art by Frank Popper, TEKKA, online journal, 2006
"How do I know I am Finnish? Or the computer and the literary artist," in Art from Start to Finish , Howard S. Becker, Robert
R. Faulkner, and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, editors. University of Chicago Press, 2005.
"Jo˚ jedna zamka. Na mestu performansa, Kod performansa (One More Trap, Instead of the Performance, Code of
Performance)," collaborative essay in English and Serbian, co-authored with Sanja Milutinoviç Bojaniç, in "Walking
Theory", special issue of Journal for performing arts theory ; TkH Centre for Performing Arts Theory and Practice,
Belgrade, Serbia, 2004
"Interactive Planes," essay for Sagas/Sagasnet Reader: Developing Interactive Narrative Content , Brunhild Bushoff, editor,
European Union Media Programme Training & Academy for TV and Film, Munich HighText Verlag , 2005.
Michael Joyce-3
(with Alexandra Grant) “What is conceptual writing?” A project organized by Debra di Blasi, Kansas City Review , #61, Vol.
7, No.4, March, 2005, p. 34.
(with Alexandra Grant) “Indecretions,” p. 106-7, Notre Dame Review , No. 19, 2005. (Website for "Wordlessness of the
Miteinander" by Roxanne Carter)
"Interspace: Our Commonly Valued Unknowing," invited essay for the inaugural issue of Academic Commons, Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College (2005)
"Walking Mornings," Explorations in Media Ecology , Vol 3, no. 2, 2004
"'We thought we could sit forever in fun': New Media and Literary Studies" New Media & Society Fifth Anniversary Issue,
"What's Changed About New Media?" Vol 6 (1) pp. 77-80, London, Thousand Oaks, CA, and New Delhi" Sage
Publications, 2004
"Café Cul-de-Sac: made up spaces," The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies , Fall 2003.
“No one Tells You This: secondary orality and hypertextuality,” Oral Tradition, Fall 2003.
A Marriage that Might Have Been" in Without Covers , eds. Lesha Hurliman and Ralph Burns, Sycamore Review and Purdue
Press, 2002.
"Then again who isn't: post-hypertextual rhetorics," in Silicon Literacies , Ilana Snyder, ed., Routledge. 2002.
"Voices Carry Outside the Discipline," Rosemary Joyce, Carolyn Guyer and Michael Joyce in Rosemary A. Joyce, The
Languages of Archaeology , Oxford: Blackwell, 2002.
"Had we but words enough" American Letters & Commentary Symposium #13. Picture This: When the Word is not Enough,
Fall 2001.
"Freeze dried and liquid spaces: narrative (hyper)architectures," Revue: éc/art S, Roanne, France, September, 2000.
"Ourselves own images: post-hypertextual and new media," with Jay David Bolter, Works and Days , 33/34, 35/36, special issue
on identity and technology, Spring 2000.
Scholarly essays, etc. (cont.)
On Boundfulness: The Space of Hypertext Bodies in Virtual Geographies: Bodies, Space and Relations , Jon May, Phil Crang
and Michael Crang, eds., Routledge, 1999
Ordinary Fiction, in Paradoxa , Special issue "The Future of Narrative: Speculative Criticism," Summer 1999.
"Beyond next before you once again: Repossessing and Renewing Electronic Culture" in Critical Reflections on Literacy and
Technology: Confronting the Issues, Gail Hawisher and Cindy Selfe, eds., University of Utah Press, 1999.
"Methodologies for Computing in the Humanities," Computing and the Humanities , ACLS Occasional Paper, No. 41, National
Research Board (National Academy of Sciences), 1998.
"The lingering errantness of place" in The Emerging CyberCulture: Literacy, Paradigm, and Paradox Stephanie Gibson and
Lance Strate, eds. Hampton Press, 1998.
"Songs of Thyselves" in High Wired Cynthia Haynes and Jan Rune Holmevik eds., Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press,
Nonce Upon Sometimes: Rereading Hypertext Fictions in Modern Fiction Studies , Volume 43, No. 3, guest-edited by N.
Katherine Hayles, Sept.-Oct. 1997. Collected in Second Thoughts: A Focus on Rereading David Galef ed, Detroit: Wayne
State University Press, 1998.
"New Stories for New Readers: Narrative Contour, Coherence, and Constructive Hypertext" in Page to screen: Taking
Literacy into the Electronic Era , Ilana Snyder, ed., Melbourne: Allen&Unwin, 1997.
"Walk four ways one time: Narrative coherencies," collaborative essay with Carolyn Guyer, Peg Syverson, and Marjorie
Leusebrink, PRE/TEXT (A Journal of Rhetorical Theory) Special Double Issue on "Virtual Rhetorics" 1997.
"MOO or Mistakenness," Works and Days 25/26 (Summer-Fall 1995).
"My Body The Library: " review/ essay, American Book Review , December 1995. Co-published in the inaugural issue of
Electronic Book Review ( http:/
"Page Versus Pixel: the cultural consequences of electronic text." with Sven Birkerts, Carolyn Guyer, Bob Stein FEED
magazine (inaugural issue), June 1995.
"(Re)Placing the Author: "A Book in the Ruins," in The Future of the Book , Geoffrey Nunberg, ed., Brepols , University of
California Press, 1996.
"One story: present tense spaces of the heart " in In Memoriam To Postmodernism: Essays On The Avant-Pop , Mark Amerika
and Lance Olsen, editors, SDSU Press (CA) 1996.
Michael Joyce-4
"Hypertext/Hypermedia," in Encyclopedia of English Studies Language Arts , Allen C. Purves, General Editor, NCTE and
Scholastic Inc., 1994
Ingrate's Expectations: What's a book supposed to do?" cover essay, American Book Review , Feb/March 1994.
"Ohio Zen," RIF/T Version 1.1 , Electronic journal (inaugural edition), 1993.
Mark Bernstein, Michael Joyce, and David Levine, "Contours of Constructive Hypertext," ECHT'92: Proceedings of the ACM ,
"A feel for prose: Interstitial links and the contours of hypertext," Writing on the Edge , 3 (1), UC Davis, 1992.
"Hypertext Narrative," Perforations , Public Domain, Atlanta, 3, Spring/Summer 1992.
"New Teaching: Toward a pedagogy for a new cosmology" Computers and Composition, 9:2, (April, 1992).
"Storyspace as a hypertext system for writers and readers of varying ability," Hypertext '91: Proceedings of the ACM , 1991.
Mark Bernstein, Jay David Bolter, Michael Joyce, and Elli Mylonas, "Architectures for Volatile Hypertext," Hypertext '91:
Proceedings of the ACM , 1991.
"The momentary advantage of our awkwardness," in Virtual Seminar on the Bioapparatus , The Banff Centre for the Arts,
Canada, 1991.
"Notes Toward an Unwritten Nonlinear Electronic Text, 'The Ends of Print Culture,'" Postmodern Culture , 2:1, (September,
1991) Russian translation by Arkadii T. Dragomoshchenko, "Iskusstvo Kino" [Art of the Cinema] #10, Moscow, 1993.
"Selfish Interaction: subversive texts and the multiple novel," in Berk and Devlin, Eds. The Hypertext/ Hypermedia Handbook
(McGraw Hill, 1991).
"Siren Shapes: Exploratory and Constructive Hypertexts," Academic Computing , November, 1988.
Jay David Bolter and Michael Joyce, "Hypertext and Creative Writing," Hypertext '87: Proceedings of the ACM , November
"Getting it Right: Joel Oppenheimer's Poetry," North Dakota Quarterly , Fall 1987.
Scholarly essays, etc. (cont.)
"The Geography of the Word: the Textfile as Landscape," Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) , Volume 7,
Number 4, 1987.
Michael Joyce and Mark Harris, "A microcomputer environment for teaching technical writing," Issues in Higher Education ,
Kansas State University, March, 1986.
"Teaching Composition in a New Elizabethan Age," College English , 1978.
Book reviews, etc.
What about a book? Review of Visual Culture: The Study of the Visual after the Cultural Turn by Margaret Dikovitskaya, and
From Technological to Virtual Art by Frank Popper, TEKKA, online journal, 2006.
Review of OlsonNow, American Book Review, Volume 27, No. 3, March/April 2006
Review of Long Sunday (blog ), American Book Review, Volume 27, No. 4, June/July 2006.
Book Review, "Lyman Gilmore, Don't Touch the Poet: The Life and Times of Joel Oppenheimer," North Dakota Quarterly,
Spring 2000.
Other Journalism; Faculty advisor, student newspaper, The Phoenix , JCC 1980-82; Associate Editor, University of Iowa
News Service, 1973. Technical writing , Better Business Bureau (Buffalo, NY) 1971-72; Institute for Developmental Studies,
New York University, 1968-70.
Editorial boards: Postmodern Culture , 2000-2005 , Works and Days 1995-present; Computers and Composition 1992-present;
Media Ecology, , 1996-1998; Apple Curriculum Technical Guides, 1991; WPA: Journal for Writing Program Administrators
(MLA) 1977-79; and Prison Arts, 1976.
Featured participant/interviewee "Oxen of the Sun segment of Imagining Ulysses, documentary produced for RTE (Irish
national television) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday Aired June 16,
2004; Featured speaker ,, invitation-only "Conference on Information, Silence, and Sanctuary," co-sponsored by the National
Michael Joyce-5
Science Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation,University of Washington, May 2004; Featured speaker , "Machine
Poetics," CalArts Writing Program and the Center for Integrated Media, (with Alexandra Grant) February, 2003; Keynoter,
" Transparencies - Technology and Culture" Graduate Student Conference, UT Austin Radio-TV-Film Department, February
2004; Featured Fiction Writer , Canisius College - 2003-2004 Contemporary Writers Series November, 2003; Featured
speaker , Pomona College Colloquium on Attention and the Arts, February, 2003; Featured speaker , “Willful
Misunderstanding: being translated,” Grenzen der Wissenschaft Seminar, Kulturwissenschaftlichen Seminar and Institut für
Informatik Humboldt University, Berlin, 2002; Eighth Annual Adam Helms Lectur e, Svenska Förläggareföreningen
(Swedish Publishers Association) and Stockholm University Library, 2001; Keynoter NeXT 1.0 (New Extensions of
Technology). Conference, Karlstadt, Sweden, 2000; Keynoter, Learning On-Line 2000: Reassessing the Virtual University
Virginia Tech, October 2000; Keynoter "Pen, Printing Press, Hypertext: Revolutions in Classroom Technology," Huntington,
College, 2000; Keynoter Digital Arts Conference, Georgia Tech & Bergen University, October 1999; Millercom
Distinguished lecturer , Center for Advanced Study. University of Illinois, "Cyberarts: A new Aesthetic?" series, 1999;
Keynoter , Technology Platforms for 21st Century Literature Conference, Brown University, 1999; Featured speaker, Arts and
Literature in e-Publishing Conference," University IULM, Milan and University of Pavia, Italy, October, 1999; Featured
speaker, Digital Media in Computer Science Teaching at University Level, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, January, 2000;
Keynoter , Gorgias Rhetoric Conference University of Texas at Dallas, February, 2000; Keynoter, Softmoderne4, Festival of
Network Literature, Prague, 1998; Keynoter, Learning On-Line '98: Building the Virtual University Virginia Tech, June 1998;
Keynoter, OCTET Summer Workshop: Teaching with technology in the humanities, Oberlin College, June 1998; Keynoter,
Softmoderne3, Festival of Network Literature, Berlin, 1997; Keynoter, 13th Annual Computers and Writing Conference,
Honolulu, Hawaii 1997; Keynoter; "Unspeakable Practices Festival, Brown University Creative Writing Program, October ,
1996; Keynoter , University of California at Irvine Extension 3rd Annual Summer Writers' Conference, 1996; Plenary speaker,
Mid-Atlantic Computers and Writing (MAACAW) Conference, Washington, DC, 1996; Joint Association of College and
Research Libraries/Library Information Technology Association presidents program, "The Life of the Mind in the Digital Age,
Chicago June 1995; University of Michigan School of Information and Library Science Dean's Lecture Series, January 1995;
Rank Xerox Research Center (Grenoble) and Centro di Studi Semiotici e Cognitivi (Bologna) "The Future of the Book"
Conference, San Merino July 28-30, 1994; "Beyond Gutenberg: Hypertext and the Future of the Humanities," First Yale
Hypertext Conference, May 1994 "Wednesdays at 4 PLUS" poetry series SUNY/Buffalo, 1992; Computers and the Human
Conversation Conference, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, 1991; Keynoter; "Literature and Technology: Third Columbia
University Graduate Conference on Spanish and Portuguese Literature," 1994 ; Keynoter , Mid-Atlantic Computers and Writing
(MAACAW) organizational meeting, Washington, DC, 1993; Keynoter, 6th Annual Computers and Writing Conference,
Austin Texas 1990; Keynoter , Language: Future Tense Conference, Tennessee Council of the Humanities, Memphis 1990.
Other talks and readings include Cornell, Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, Hartford, Illinois, Michigan, Maricopa, Michigan State,
North Carolina, Northwestern, Purdue, Brown, Washington, Drake, Vassar, Brooklyn College, George Mason, Columbia,
SUNY Albany, Idaho, Yale, MIT, University of California at Berkeley, Case-Western, Virginia Tech, Iowa, Alabama, Calarts,
Presentations, panels, and papers : One of three focus papers (with Howard S. Becker and Pierre-Michel Menger) for "The
Work Itself" invitation only conference sponsored by The Social Sciences Research Council, September 2004; "Commonly
Valued Unknowing: toward a renewed disciplinarity" at the conference "Transforming Disciplines: the Humanities and
Computer Science." sponsored by The Carnegie Corporation of New York, Rice University, and Princeton University at The
National Academies, Washington DC, January, 2003. Participant observer, Kulturwissenschaftlichen Seminar, Humboldt
University, Berlin: 2002; Guggenheim Museum, featured panelist, "The Brave New Word," June, 2001: Festival
International d'Arts Multimédia Urbains, Belfort, France, 2000; ACH Invited Panelist, MLA 2000, Washington, D.C.;
AAHE/MLA Invited Panelist, "Innovations in Humanities Education," MLA 1999, Chicago; The Electronic Text Seminar,
Department of English and Center for the Book, University of Iowa, 1998; "Transformations of the Book ", Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, October, 1997; German Literature Department Lecture, University of Hamburg, (Germany), 1997;
Featured Presenter, Newport Beach Public Library "Manuscripts" lecture series July, 1996; Featured Presenter, "King Ludd
and the Resistance to Technology Virtual Sessions", co-sponsored University of Florida and University of Virginia Institute
for Advanced Technology in the Humanities; Featured Presenter, University of Missouri Institute for Instructional
Technology On-line Symposia, University of Missouri; "The Networked Mind," Wolfe Institute, Brooklyn College 2000
Conference "Communities of Scholars," 1993; ACM European Conference on Hypertext Course: Teaching and Learning
with Hypertext. Milan, 1992; Hypertext '87, '89, '91 and ‘96 meetings (ACM); MLA 1992, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000; CCCC
1990, 91, 92, 93, 95;“real-time hypertext” featured session Computers and Writing 1992, Michigan College English
Association, Science, Technology and Society Conference, Bowdoin College Teaching with Hypertext conference,
University of Michigan Community College Consortium, etc.
Michael Joyce-6
Review Panelist , DAC 2000 Program Committee Member, University of Bergen, Norway; SIGGRAPH 2000, Multimedia Arts
panel reviewer; NEH Focus Grants Panel September 1996, 1998; Reviewer, ACM Hypertext '96 program committee;
Annenberg/CPB Project grants, 1988; EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL Higher Education Software Awards, 1989.
Guest lecturer and workshop coordinator, ICT and the Humanities International Summer School 2005 "Exploring Digital
Artefacts Department of Media Technology , School of Communication, Technology and Design, Södertörns högskola
(University College), Stockholm, Sweden June 4-10, 2005
Hypermedia consultant Harry Ransom Humanities Center, University of Texas. 2004
Lecture/demo/interactive fiction workshop, for "Approaching Cyberculture: Humanists as Actors in the Development of
Technology", graduate summer school, Bleikinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden, May 17 –25, 2003.
Co-author, software design and user interface for Storyspace™, hypertext writing environment, (with Jay David Bolter and John
B. Smith). Published by Eastgate Systems, Cambridge, MA since 1987.
Co-trainer (with Carolyn Guyer) Danish National Film School Interactive Fiction workshop for scriptwriters, animators, and
directors, Copenhagen, 1998.
Co-trainer (with Jay David Bolter) European Union SAGAs Writing Interactive Fiction workshop for filmmakers, Munich
Guest lecturer on hypermedia and interactive video, School of Visual Arts, New York City, 1995-1999.
Board of Literary Advisors, Electronic Literature Organization, 2000-2001.
Advisory board "James Joyce's Ulysses in Hypermedia," Michael Groden, ed., University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997-present.
Advisory board and panel chair for "The Culture of Interactivity," sponsored by Visual Arts Foundation, Rockefeller
Foundation, Goethe House, January 1998.
External Evaluator University of Baltimore Proposed Doctor of Science program in Multimedia Design September 1996.
Consultant and working group member, Interactive Fiction Retreat sponsored by Sundance Film Institute and the Rockefeller
Foundation, Sundance, Utah, 1995.
Panelist National Endowment of the Arts, Art21: Arts in the 21st Century conference, "State of the Art Arts" April 1994;
Lecturer, Interactive film and narrative, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) NYC , Technology in the 90's Series, 1993.
Keynoter, readings, and panelist, Brown University "Unspeakable Practices II" Festival of avant garde writing 1993 and 1996.
Visiting Writer 1993.
TINAC Interactive artists’ collective Founding member 1988-present.
Interactive video research/consultant Markle Foundation, Mary C. Milton project director, 1985-87.
Lecture and copyright panelist for "Authorship and Authority", graduate summer school and public policy seminar on
copyright, Bleikinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden, May 29 – June 6 2004.
Research Team Member, InterPARES Project (International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems),
School of Information Science and Policy, University Albany, State University of New York and Department of Information
Studies at UCLA. 2000-2003.
Advisory Board member American Arts and Letters Network, sponsored by the Coalition for Networked Information, and
American Council of Learned Societies, 1995-1999.
Advisory Board Rice University Libraries 1997-present.
Advisory Board, New Deal Network, Columbia Teachers College, world wide web project, 1997-2001.
Participant and keynoter, Computing and Humanities Roundtable, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National
Research Council, Washington, DC, March 1997.
Member, Selection Panel, NEH/MCI EdSITEments world wide web project, 1997-8
Contributor/respondent, "Learning and Teaching" section of the Research Agenda for a Networked Cultural Heritage, Getty Art
History Information Program, 1995-96.
Michael Joyce-7
Co-Director, Interdisciplinary Teaching in Computer Classrooms, NEH sponsored Faculty Workshop Bucks County
Community College, May, 1996.
Working Group on Electronic Resources: Humanities and Arts on the Information Highway National Initiative, Getty Art
History Information Program, Coalition for Networked Information, American Council of Learned Societies, 1994.
Founding Board Member Alliance for Computers and Writing, national organization, 1992-95.
Consultant to Hypertext Benchbook Project . Michigan Supreme Court Judicial Institute, Spring 1992.
Project Director, Apple and League for Innovation in Community Colleges ACCA hypermedia classroom charter project, 1990-
Professor , English Department (co-chair 2007-2010) and Media Studies, Director of the Center for Electronic Learning and
Teaching (1995-2002), Co-director Media Studies Development Project (1999-2000), Faculty Co-Director of the Media
Cloisters (1999-2004), Vassar College..
Associate Professor , Language and Literature Department (Chair 1975-77); and Coordinator, Center for Narrative and
Technology, Jackson Community College, Jackson, Michigan. 1975-1995.
Performer Associate , Center for New Performing Arts, Iowa City 1972-73.
Associate Editor , University of Iowa News Service, 1973.
Director of Program Development , Better Business Bureau (Buffalo), 1971-72.
Administrative Assistant , Institute for Developmental Studies, New York University; also Deafness Research Center, same
institution, 1968-70. Staff writer, office manager.
Other work/life experience includes consulting, community organizer (NYC), carpentry, actor, director, onetime Little League
coach, and a lifetime's experience during one day as a taxi driver.
M.F.A., University of Iowa Writers Workshop (Fiction) 1974.
B.A., Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, English and Philosophy, 1972.