Michael Joyce is no longer maintaining a public web presence. However a public site of student theses and projects continues to be available as does information regarding Ted Nelson's first use of the term "hyper-text" at Vassar in 1965.

Course information, including a description of MSDP 180.51 Approaches to Media Studies is available here from the Vassar campus or through the proxy server.

Information about the novel Liam's Going, 2002, Joyce's most recent publication, is available from McPherson and Company. His collection of fiction and short essays, Moral Tales and Meditations, 2001, is available from http://www.moral-tales.com.

Further information about his publications is available from the Electronic Literature Organization directory as well as from his other publishers, Eastgate Systems, nightkitchen, Supertart.com, New York University Press, the State University of New York Press, and the University of Michigan Press. A list of on-line fictions and URLs is here and his vita is available here.

"what does not change is the will to change"