Projects of Students in Margaret Ronsheim's Laboratory

Senior Research Projects

Moses, Woody ('99). Mycorrhizal and pathogen interactions in Allium vineale.

Anderson, Sarah ('97). Mycorrhizal effects on intraspecific competition in Allium vineale.

English, Maggie ('97). The relative importance of mycorrhizae for sexual and asexual propagules of Allium vineale.

Krueger, Eileen ('97). The role of mycorrhizae in local adaptation in Allium vineale.

Kushner, Aurora ('97). Seed bank ecology and distribution of Lythrum salicaria.

Rhoads, Anne ('96). Does local adaptation exist in a population of Allium vineale?

Zohn, Ethan ('96). Soil community effects on the growth rate in Allium vineale.

Boxhill, Jessica ('95). The effects of lead contamination on the germination and growth of Impatiens capensis populations along the Casperkill.

Case, Emily ('94). Acute toxicity of lead in the freshwater amphipods Gammarus pseudolimnaeus and Hyalella azteca.

Claypool, Stephanie ('94). Acid rain effects on mycorrhizal associations of Allium vineale.

Frost, Julia ('93). The effects of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae on Allium vineale at varying phosphorous levels.

URSI (Undergraduate Research Summer Institute) Projects

Gladstone, Jessica ('00). Reproductive strategies in Allium vineale.

English, Maggie ('96). Characterization of spatial heterogeneity: exploring patterns in nutrient concentration, species composition, and mycorrhizal fungi communities.

Sharma, Krishna ('95). The impact of phosphorous level on mutualistic plant- mycorrhizae interactions.

Case, Emily ('94). A multidisciplinary study of the Casper Kill watershed: aquatic macroinvertebrate and terrestrial plant biodiversity.

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