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Why should I major in Geology, Geography, or Earth Science and Society?

What can I do with a major in Geography?




Thesis Calendar Dates, 2009-10


What are Thesis expections?

How do I think about coming up with a topic?

How do I format my thesis? (html file)

                      (Word document)


How do I turn in my thesis?



For juniors: planning ahead for your thesis-- Spring and summer planning for your thesis


Sample theses from previous years

What does a thesis look like? Take a look at some examples. Remember that theses vary WIDELY in length and approach, but all attempt to examine an issue and/or answer a question in a rigorous and orderly manner.---Our most sincere thanks to those who have shared their theses with future generations on this site.---


General information:

whew, proper citation is SO important. Please read early and often.

Proper citation form in academic papers



GIS links for the department

GIS Blog – GoogleEarth stuff, field trips, projects, and other GIS-related topics—Very cool stuff here.

HP tablet grant – projects and papers using the tablet PCs from an HP grant

Teaching with Technology – mapping activities presented in posters from the 2007 forum:



Greenway Class Project Reports – Environment and Land Use Planning (Geography 356, Spring 2005)

Dutchess county atlas – data available in the GIS lab in Ely Hall


Fun stuff and Field Trips

lots of good photos from our majors will soon be posted here—just as soon as some of you send me some!

ok, and as soon as I get my own photos together.

GoogleEarth Links (download .kmz files to use on a Mac; click on them to use on a PC)


For other questions and faculty info, see the official departmental web page


Updated CV for Mary Ann Cunningham—papers, projects, and so on

click here



Other useful links for teaching resources


Web Soil Survey


University of Oregon global energy balance maps/animations