The following books are available at the campus bookstore and on reserve at the library. Other readings will be made available via Blackboard: E-Reserves or links on the online schedule.
Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice (Harper Perennial, 2003).
Daniel Doherty & Amitai Etzioni (eds.), Voluntary Simplicity (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003).
Suzanne Bianchi et al., Changing Rhythms of American Family Life (Russell Sage Foundation, 2006).
Peter Stearns, Anxious Parents (NYU Press, 2003).
Joanne B. Ciulla, The Working Life (Three Rivers, 2001).
Randal O'Toole, The Best-Laid Plans (Cato Institute, 2007).
Mary Grigsby, Buying Time and Getting By (SUNY Press, 2004).