The pursuit and gratification of the higher needs leads to greater, stronger, and truer individualism.... People living at the level of self-actualization are, in fact, found simultaneously to love mankind most and to be the most developed idiosyncratically.
Self-actualizing people are not well adjusted (in the naive sense of approval of and identification with the culture). They get along with the culture in various ways, but of all of them it maybe said that in a certain profound and meaningful sense they resist enculturation and maintain a certain inner detachment from the culture in which they are immersed.
Creativity... is a univeral characteristic of all [self-actualizing people].... as we have seen, these individuals are less inhibited, less constricted, less bound, in a word, less enculturated. In more positive terms, they are more spontaneous, more natural, more human. This too would have as one of its consequences what would seem to other people to be creativeness.
Source: Abraham H. Maslow, Motivation and Personality, 3rd ed. (Harper & Row, 1987), pp. 58, 142, 143.


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