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masksWelcome to our web page. In this page, we--Matt Grebow, Alison Green, and Sara Hutchinson--have compiled some fun and interesting facts about Plautus and Roman theater. Plautus (254 B.C.-184 B.C.) was a Roman comedic playwright. The focus of our research is on Roman theater and its history, and how it applies to Plautus--in particular, his plays Captivi (The Prisoners) and Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier). Maybe you will learn something new.

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Plautus's Life
Roman Adaptations of Greek Plays
The Origins of Roman Comedy
How the Plays Were Produced
Music in Roman Comedy
Stock Characters in Roman Comedy
Characters and Synopses
Captivi (The Prisoners)
Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier)
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