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Who Am I? [unanswerable within the precincts of the known]

Current svadharma: Assistant Professor of Religion and Asian Studies

I Teach in the Religion Department at Vassar and also give courses through the Asian Studies Program: I have a Ph.D. from Columbia University, (1991) in Indian Religion and Literature. My Dissertation: "Language, Love, and Silence: Readings of Separation in the Sanskrit Epic, Poetic, and Puranic Traditions" is a discussion of the theme of loss in Indian literary and religious traditions. I have lived extensively in India, mostly in North India in the areas of Braj and Rishikesh. I currently reside in Poughkeepsie, New York with my wife Celine Sigmen and our two children, Oshan and Maika. Along with my academic research, I am interested in the interfacing of intuitive inner experience with effective action in the world.


What do I Teach? (Autumn 2000 - Spring 2001)


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