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Atlantic Region Previews 2014


Rank Team* Comments
1 Geneseo Top 7 returns,  3rd at regionals - 15th at 2013 NCAA's
1 Cortland Lost 2,3,5 & 6 from. 1st at regionals -- 13th at 2013 NCAA's
3 St. Lawrence Return top 5.   2nd at regionals -- 29th at 2013 NCAA's
4 RPI Return 1,2,4, 6 & 7.  
5 NYU Lost 2,4,6, & 7.  Freshman include a 9:36 3200 and a few 4:20ish guys.  20th at 2013 NCAA's. William Boylan-Pett   just took over for Nick McDonough - coming from Columbia Uni.
6 Rochester Lost 5 of top 7 but add 2 to the group that didn't compete in 2013 due to injuries.   30:47 & 25:59.
7 Oneonta Lost 2 of top 7.  Solid freshman and added a 15:08 guy to the group
8 TCNJ Return 6 of top 7, solid freshman looking to impact
9 Ithaca Top 5 return
10 Fredonia Top 5 return


Atlantic Region Previews 2014
Rank Team* Comments
1 Geneseo 2013 Regionals 4th; NCAA 16th - Return all 7 of their top runners from 2013 (21:57, 22:26, 22:35, 22:36, 22:38, 22:43, 22:51, and plenty of depth behind them. Should be a very strong team to contend with, and likely to step up for Woodsies' last season before he retires. 
2 NYU 2013 Regionals: 1st; NCAA: 6th. No report, however return 4 of the 7 from last years Nationals according to their website, including All American Lily Corsaro 24th & Czuprynski 69th. Returners NCAA Regional times: 21:48, 22:00, 22:43, 23:29. Looks like they lose  other top runners, and most notably Coach Nick McD who moved on to D1 Manhattan in mid August.  William Boylan-Pett (Former assistant at Columbia) is taking over coaching the program. 
3 Oneonta 2013 Regionals 5th, NCAA 25th - Graduate multiple NCAA qualifier & lead runner Kennedy, but return 2-6 of the 2013 break out team. Return 6 sub 23 6K runners, top three from track ran 17:48/36:22, 18:03, and 18:06. Newcomers include 6 recruits, and one transfer who ran 18:18 on the track last spring. This team is bound to have a strong presence again this year, and arrive in November ready to race at NCAA's. 
4 St. Lawrence 2013 Regionals 2nd; NCAA 10th - Return 3, 4, 6 & 7 of their 2013 team, including Lisa Grohn who was an NCAA track 5k qualifier last spring (17:05), but graduated 1 & 2 Cymerman and Beccia. Returners Regional times: 22:03, 22:03, 23:37, 23:38. Last season they lacked some depth past their 4th runner, so they will need some people to step up to ensure the same results they have achieved repeatedly before. Looking for contributions from newcomers. 
5 Ithaca 2013 Regionals 6th, NCAA 23rd - Graduated Randall, but return 2-7 of their championship squad and plenty of depth behind them. 
6 TCNJ 2013 Regionals: 3rd; NCAA: 31st. Return 4 of the 7 of their 2013 squad. With their second year under a new head (and assistant distance) coach, the team will likely have a more stable season this year. Clearly have the depth of ability to be successful. They nose-dived at NC's last year, but that was more experience than ability. 
7 Cortland No Report. 2013 Regionals 8th, return 5 of the top 7, including 2013 front runner Kerri Culhane.
8 New Paltz 2013 Regionals 12th, But return their 2-6 runners and acquire several strong recruits including transfer Gabby Mancuso (UNH). Will have four runners who ran sub-18:30 last spring on the team, not bad for a team without a track program. 
9 RPI No Report. 2013 Regionals 10th - Return 2-7 of their 2013 squad. 
10 Vassar 2013 Regionals 9th. Return 4 of the top 7, but crucially loses track All American Piepmeier to graduation, and 2nd runner Snider to an academic leave of absence. 5 new recruits looking to shake up the ranks. 
10 Hamilton 2013 Regionals 7th, and would have been a good team for nationals, but they are only returning 3 of those runners (2 graduate, 1 transfer). Top returner is Sam Buttrick (23:02), then Michelle Fish (4:44/1500m in 2014) & Lainie Smith (7th runner @ 23:34 in 2013 regionals, but a 2012 All-Regional runner), plus 8 promising first year runners. Likely a team to move up the ranks as the season goes on.