TO:         NCAA Division I, II & III Cross Country Coaches

FROM:  Sam Seemes, CEO
               U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association

RE:          TFRRS-XC – Submission of Meet Results and Registration of Official Team Rosters

The NCAA Division I and III cross country seasons open tomorrow (Friday, August 30th) and this correspondence is a reminder for cross country coaches to make sure you have registered and completed any updates to your official team roster on TFRRS-XC for the 2013 cross country season.  Institutions are required to register and/or update their team roster each season to confirm eligibility status.  Roster registration and/or updates may be made at

In addition, it is the responsibility of each meet host to submit complete meet results that includes all team scores/places and participants with TFRRS-XC IDs to TFRRS-XC by midnight Eastern Time one day after the completion of the competition.

Detailed account information and instructions to set up meets and download team rosters in preparation for uploading 2013 cross country results are available for meet hosts, meet directors, and timers at (select the link for Meet Director/Timer Information). Note the following:

1.       For the purpose of running a meet, any meet director/timer can download the rosters of TFRRS-XC teams (with TFRRS-XC IDs) at no cost to the meet director/timer. All TFRRS rosters and IDs will be available for download in file formats easily imported into timing software;

2.       Meet hosts may use their method of choice to manage meet entries. It is NOT required to use DirectAthletics for meet entries;

3.       It is the responsibility of the meet directors/timers to collect valid TFRRS-XC IDs from the entering teams, regardless of the meet entry method;

4.       Institutions registered with TFRRS-XC also can print out or download their TFRRS-XC rosters (with IDs) to facilitate the entry process.

If you experience technical difficulty using the TFRRS-XC system, please contact DirectAthletics (; phone: 347-674-3002), and notify the NCAA national office if the difficulty will trigger a late fine.