David T. Bradley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Physics + Astronomy Dept

Vassar College


In these pages you will find an outline of the work associated with his involvement in the field of acoustics. This site is designed to give a more detailed view of his work and hopefully serve as a resource for others with similar interests.

Sound energy scattered from an acoustically diffusing surface


A plot of predicted reverberation time values from a computer modeled auditorium


Professor Bradley received a B.A. in Physics from Grinnell College. Although music and theatrical performance have been a passion of his since he was in middle school, he realized in high school that he wanted to seek a career path in the hard sciences, specifically physics. He looked for a field that would integrate his interest in the area of physical sciences and his enthusiasm for music. Eventually, during his undergraduate work, he discovered the field of acoustics through a series of internships and independent projects, and realized that he had found the perfect combination of personal and career interests.


He received a Ph.D. from the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, where he focused on research in the field of acoustics. Joining the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Nebraska was a natural step in the progression towards a career in acoustics, as it is one of only a few programs to offer graduate studies in the field of acoustics in the U.S.. Within this field, Dr. Bradley has been particularly interested in performance space acoustics and the behavior of sound energy in enclosed spaces. With the aid of several fellowships, including the Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowship, he was able to complete the Ph.D. program.

Dr. Bradley's industry experience has included internships and consultant positions with acoustical firms in Los Angeles, Dallas, Omaha, Chicago, and Seattle. His fields of industry expertise cover a broad spectrum, including room acoustics, sound isolation, mechanical noise control, and environmental noise control.

Professor Bradley joined the Physics + Astronomy department at Vassar College in 2007. He teaches a wide variety of courses across the physics curriculum, and is also active in the Cognitive Science and Media Studies Programs.